I have myself many times told people that this science is not a new religion, because it is not, but that does not mean it is not religion :)

I know very well that when we talk about religion most people think about something dogmatic that we are supposed to believe in blindly, and therefore I choose to tell people it is not a new religion, because it is not a religion in the sense most people think about religion, and I cannot start to explain the difference to them, most people wouldn’t understand, it is much better that they read it for themselves, and if I tell them it IS a religion they would probably not read it.

Martinus explains that the only true religion is life itself, where every soul in the entire infinite Universe is a member, and The Third Testament is a religion in a sense that it explains life itself, which is the only true religion, in a scientific way, so the difference between the ones we normally think of as religions and The Third Testament is that The Third Testament is guidance based on understanding, and the others are guidance based on blind belief, the former is based on the intuition energy and the latter are based on the instinct energy. As Martinus explain, we all evolve in eternal spirals, to increasingly higher planes, and every cycle in these spirals brings us from light to darkness and back to light, this in order for us to renew ourselves, because everything in life is based on hunger and saturation, and when we have been in the light long enough we become saturated with the light, and if we then didn’t have the opportunity to enter back into the darkness, life would cease to exist, because we would no longer have the contrast needed to experience life, and during our return to the darkness we also close our connection with the intuition energy, and increase our connection to the instinct energy, and that leads us to go from enlightenment to ignorance, and that makes it necessary for us to have something to guide us through the darkness, and this guidance is religion, but what we are used to think of as religion is only a small part of this guidance, life itself is the main guidance, the real religion, and these things we are used to call religion, are all adjusted to the different parts we go through during our journey through darkness, and that is why The Old Testament with Moses contradicts The New Testament with Jesus, because Moses was still guiding us towards the darkness, while Jesus was guiding us towards the light.

John Karlsen - 17 December 2014