John Karlsens mail af 26. maj 2013


Dear council of the Martinus Institute.

In my last open letter to you, I called for a logical explanation in line with the core of the spiritual science of Martinus, of your ongoing legal action against the four people you claim have violated the copyright. I cannot see that you have given us any such explanation, and therefore I feel a need to write a third open letter to you.

In my understanding the copyright is there to protect the spiritual science of Martinus, “The Third Testament”, against people who want to make changes in this spiritual science.

Also, in my understanding, the most important thing to do is to make this great gift to all humanity, available in original form, as easy as possible and as cheap as possible, to all the people who wants to study it.

In my understanding the Martinus Institute is the only one who has made changes to the original writings, and plans to continue to do so. I know you do, because you say so yourself, and you have published lists of changes you have made, on your website.

Also, in my understanding, the Martinus Institute is the only one who wants to limit our access to the original writings, by denying us the possibility to buy the books in original form, and also by denying us the possibility to download the original texts.
There is a big difference between reading a small part of the original writings online on your website, and to be able to buy the original books and download all the original writings of Martinus. It seems very clear to me that you do not want us to have this access, because this is exactly what the people, you now are suing, are giving us.

In my understanding, the people you are suing, have not done any changes to the original texts, on the contrary, they are offering us the original texts exactly like Martinus wanted them to be, and they are selling the books to cost price, and on top of that, they have invited you to buy these original books to cost price and sell them yourself, and they will stop selling them, but you have told them no, and this indicates to me that you are not at all interested in giving us the access to the original books. Further, they are giving us the opportunity to download the original writings for free, and not only reading them online on the website like you do, and that is a big difference for all of us who are studying this spiritual science.

In my understanding, the only one who has violated the copyright is the Martinus Institute. Please do not forget that the spiritual science of Martinus, “The Third Testament” is not the property of the Martinus Institute, it is the property of all people on earth. This holy gift is given to us all for free use.

I have also, with great interest, followed the dialog about tape recordings of some of Martinus' speeches, made by private people with Martinus' permission, where you are trying to prevent these people from sharing these recordings with the rest of us, and on top of that these people have given you the original recordings as a gift.

If you should win in court, which I am not at all sure you will, given that is seems like you are the only one who have violated the copyright, but if you do, and you manage to stop the four who gives us free access to the original words of Martinus, how are you planning to maintain this control, when people all over the world starts to do exactly the same as these four you now are trying to stop? Even a multibillion company would have had difficulties in stopping that, and I cannot imagine that you really believe that people who understand the core of the spiritual science of Martinus, are going to accept that you are denying them free access to the original words of Martinus.

In my understanding The Third Testament is created by all for the free use of all, we are all one, remember, and it will go out into the world with a life of its own, and there is nothing you or anybody else can do to stop that, it will be like trying to stop the Earth from spinning around the Sun.

In my understanding the best the Martinus Institute can do is to preserve the science in original form as good as possible, and make it available to us all as easy and cheap as possible in the original form, and in that way be a place where all people can be sure of finding the original writings and only the original writings, just as I personally feel I can today when I go to the websites of the four people you are suing. I am sorry to have to say that I do not get that feeling when I go to the official website of the Martinus Institute, and what better way is there to assure that the original writings are not lost, than to spread them to as many people as possible by making it possible to download them for free on your website. If the original writings only existed in the Martinus Institute, and these originals should be destroyed or lost, then what?

By doing exactly what the four people you are suing do, making the original writings easily available to all people, you would make it very difficult for anyone to misuse the copyright, because people who are really serious in their search will always search for the originals, and not anything that has been tampered with, and if they are ready to start studying the spiritual science of Martinus, they will not accept or trust anyone who is trying to control the access to the originals and instead present to them their version of this science, and I feel very strongly that this is exactly what you in the council of Martinus Institute are trying to do, and that by your actions the Martinus Institute now risks to lose its credibility as the place where we always can get the free access to the originals and nothing but the originals.

I feel very certain that you are doing the best you can and I honestly have only good feelings for you, but I also feel very strongly that there is something you have misunderstood in the spiritual science of Martinus. If this was not so, then you would be able to give us a logic explanation of your actions, a logic explanation that is in line with the core of The Third Testament, but it seems like you are not able to do so.

As I have stated in my previous letters, I might be wrong, that I do not know, but I am writing this anyhow, because I really feel we all have the right to be heard in this matter, because your actions are very important and will have consequences for all people on Earth.

I send you all my deepest love.

John Karlsen