John Karlsens åbne brev af 13. marts 2013
Oprindelig engelsksproget version

Reflections about your lawsuit against lovers of the spiritual science of Martinus.

Dear council of Martinus Institute.

I have been informed that you have decided to go to lawsuit against the following parties on the basis of violation of copy right:

- Åndsvidenskabsforlaget
- Kosmologisk Informasion
- Livets skole i Åndsvidenskab

The spiritual science of Martinus, by himself called “Det Tredie Testamente” (The Third Testament), is, in my opinion, the greatest gift to humanity since Jesus. It is given to the whole humanity for free use, and Martinus Institute has been given the very difficult and important responsibility to preserve and make available this holy gift, in unchanged form. Please correct me if I am wrong.

On this basis, I do not see this lawsuit as an internal matter for the Martinus Institute, it is a matter that involves all people on Earth, and therefore I am writing this letter as an open letter to you, and I am writing this letter in English because I want as many people as possible to be able to read this if they so wish. I feel every single person on Earth has the right to be heard in this matter.

I am not at all claiming to be right, I might be totally wrong. I am simply offering my deepest feelings about this, and offering the words my heart tells me to write. I do this, because I feel deep in my heart that every single person who is studying The Third Testament has an obligation to contribute in spreading the word about the existence of this great gift, and to do whatever we can to help others with information and access to this gift.

I have no doubt that you have the legal right to protect the copyright, but one thing is the local laws on Earth, a totally different thing is the cosmic laws Martinus teach us about in his holy science. In this case, I do not care about the local laws, the only thing I care about is the cosmic laws. As I said, I might be totally wrong here, but I know nothing else to do than to follow my heart and MY understanding of the cosmic laws, in this matter.

I do not have personal experiences with the other three parties in your lawsuit, but I have had the wonderful pleasure to experience the people behind and the last year.
The material Søren Ingemann Larsen has published on his website martinus-webcenter has been of invaluable help to me in my own study of the science of Martinus. This material has led me to a much higher understanding of both the science itself, and Martinus as a person, and I am forever grateful to him for this, and I am grateful to him for the courage he has shown in making this information available to us all, despite the risk of being served with a summon from you, because you are not willing to give us the same information, and I have tried to get it from you. Personally I believe history will show that this wonderful man has done a great work for humanity by making this information available to us all.
As for the other website, det-tredie-testamente, I have the same feelings for the people behind this site too. I have been received by all of them with great love, warmth, acceptance and interest. Getting in contact with them gave me the same feeling of love and acceptance as I feel from Martinus when I read his beautiful words. I do know that neither of them are making any money of this, to the contrary, they do all the work for free and pay a lot of money from their own pockets in order to make this information available to the rest of us. Martinus is very little known around the world, and I personally write to people around the world telling them about the existence of this wonderful gift, and giving them information about your website and the other two websites. I feel sure that you will sell many more books in the future because of the information work they do. I ask myself, why do you want to stop these wonderful people from doing this wonderful work, what are you afraid of, what kind of harm do you think they will do to Martinus? To me they have been a blessing, and I know in my heart that I would not have come as far as I feel I have in my understanding of this science if it wasn’t for them, because the information that has been so important to me is NOT available on your website at all.

I bought my Martinus books in the 1980’s and have studied the first edition of the books. I have also bought new books from you, but the text in the new books is modified by you, and the text in the new books do not give me the same vibrations as the text in the old books. You may say that you have not done any changes in the text, but in my feeling you have, because to me you have changed the vibrations in the words of Martinus, and I assume you know that the vibrations are even more important than the words. As far as I know, the parties you sue, have not done ANY changes in the words of Martinus, only you have, so what are you afraid of?
It doesn’t seem like you want people to have easy access to the original manuscripts of Martinus either, why? Why is it wrong for Søren Ingemann Larsen to publish the original manuscripts, when you are not willing to do so? One of the most important messages in the science of Martinus, is the importance of openness, the importance of making absolutely all information available to all people, without any censorship, so why is it wrong to make this information available? Why are you not happy that he does this for you, if the reason for you NOT to do it is that you don’t have time to do so? What are you afraid of? Why are you not willing to let people, who so wishes, get access to unchanged books of Martinus, like the books I bought in the 1980’s, and the original manuscripts? Why are you not willing to let them sell books with unchanged text, as long as you are not willing to do so yourself? Do we not all have the right to have access to read the unchanged books if we so wish and someone are willing to print and sell them? Why are you not happy about that? I assume the reason for you not to sell the unchanged books yourself, is that you believe people do not want them, so why are you afraid, if people do not want them, they will not sell any books, and if people DO want them, then you can start selling them yourself, and they will stop selling them. They are only selling them because you do not want to, so what are you afraid of?

I am sure you have your best intentions in what you are doing, and I am perfectly aware that I might be wrong. I am not trying to tell you what to do, I am simply telling you that, based on my understanding of the spiritual science of Martinus, I do not understand why you are doing this, because in my heart it do not feel in line with the core of The Third Testament. I ask you as dear sister/brother souls, to take time to listen to all students of this science, in this matter, and then make your final decision deep in your hearts. You have a great responsibility to the whole humanity, I know it is not an easy task you have been assigned, and I am sure you have the best interest of all people on Earth in your heart when you make your final decision in this matter. I send you all my deepest love, and prey for you to be guided to the decision that serves us all the best, whatever that decision may be.

I will give the people behind the two websites my permission to publish this letter if they so wish.

PS! Please correct me if I have made any incorrect assertions in this letter, if I have, it is against better knowledge and I will be happy to apologize, and publish a correction.

I hope you have understanding for my reaction and honest feelings, even if you disagree, and I hope you understand that this letter is written with the best intensions, and I do respect your final decision, whatever it may be.

I would like to end this letter with a “dialog” I had just before Christmas last year:

How do I find you God?

God, are you there?
- I am everywhere.
But where do I reach you?
- Everywhere.
But you are so hard to find.
- Something is blocking your mind.
What is it that blocks my mind?
- The notion that I am not there.
- Everywhere.
But, what does it mean?
- We are all one.
Am I you?
- Yes.
Are my neighbors you?
- Yes.
But, I treated my neighbor bad yesterday, was it you?
- Yes.
Oh, can you forgive me, I didn’t know.
- I know you didn’t know, and you are always forgiven, because there is nothing to forgive.
How can it be?
- How would you be able to see the light without the darkness?
Oh, I see.

With my deepest love and respect.

John Karlsen